fan club administration

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Offer BMW IBU World Championships 2023

From November 26th, 2021, fan clubs will receive with

- IBU certification, i.e

- fan clubs officially registered by the IBU,

when purchasing at least 5 tickets within a ticket category,

every FIFTH ticket FREE!


*While stocks last!

IBU HQ regarding fan club administration

This is to inform you about the recent procedures in IBU HQ regarding fan club administration. As several OCs have quite a strong cooperation with fan clubs as regards travel to biathlon events, fan club meetings, ticketing etc. the IBU decided to continue with the administration of “official IBU registered fan clubs”. In detail this means that a fan club can get the official approval by IBU to be listed as a fan club according to IBU’s definition by returning the enclosed registration form to IBU HQ. Main facts to be verified as a fan club by IBU are: min. 10 members, regular activities, one authorized person to deal with ticketing as regards special fan club ticket conditions offered by some OCs. After approval, the fan club will be included in the IBU’s list of registered fan clubs. 

Form: Registration Fanclub