Shooting like a biathlete

Shooting like a biathlete

Feel like a biathlete and experience the biathlon sport as close as you have never done before. Before you look for physical strain prior to the stage you should learn the handling of the weapon as well as shooting under resting heart rate. Hit the targets at a distance of 50 meters and find out loads of interesting facts about the trend sport biathlon. Get to know all from the history to the high performance requirements with which the biathlon stars have to struggle every day.


  • 5 test shots prone at the big target
  • 5 shots prone for scoring at the big target
  • 5 shots prone for scoring at the small target


Shots for scoring at the stage to find out the champion marksman of the group.
Price: until 04.01.2019 = 19,00 € / from 05.01.2019 = 25,00 € per person


Please note before the purchase that a participation is only allowed from the age of 18 up according to German law. As this highlight is also offered during the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon you are also invited to join biathlon shooting on the days of the World Cup.