Youth meets biathlon


The starting shot for the third round of the school project "Youth meets Biathlon" was given last year when interested schools registered. After the previous two years with lively participation and enthusiasm, the school year has been running according to the motto since the beginning of 2020:

School children in the snow

On January 9th and 10th, 2020, more than 500 schoolchildren from Thuringia will exchange the warm classroom for a winterly cold but exciting outdoor backdrop. The reason for this is solely the biathlon races of women and men for the Oberhofer Biathlon World Cup, which apparently generate great enthusiasm among the young generation. The start will take place at 2.30 p.m.

The Thuringian Ski Association e. V. as a new project sponsor, primarily to primary schools. This year they come from Sonneberg, Zella-Mehlis, Suhl, Lauscha, Steinach and Tambach-Dietharz. In order to transport the total of approx. 620 project participants from 16 schools to the border eagle, almost 20 buses from regional travel companies are in use on both days.
This project is financed by regional sponsors who are enthusiastic about biathlon, the students themselves only bear a small financial contribution. The children and parents who do not want to miss the extraordinary event are accompanied by 60 teachers, while the supervision by the team led by sighting trainer Jens Greiner-Hiero from the Thuringian Ski Association is provided.
The aim of the project is, of course, to get the youngsters excited about the traditional sport of biathlon and also to infect the families with the biathlon fever. Hopefully, many children accompanied by their families will come back to the World Cup in Oberhof in the following years. Rudolstadt entrepreneur Frank Eismann (TSB Technik Service Betrieb Schwarza GmbH) launched this campaign for the first time in 2018 with great commitment and enthusiasm. The project owes its success and today's excellent reputation to its commitment and foresight. The current President of the Thuringian Ski Association felt it was necessary to pass this project on to the association and to continue to support and promote it!

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