Oberhofer Sport und Event GmbH

Oberhofer Sport und Event GmbH is a subsidiary of the Zweckverband Thüringer Wintersportzentrum. It was founded on November 29, 2020 with the aim of ensuring the traditional implementation of major international sporting events such as the Biathlon World Cup under difficult economic conditions. It is the successor organization of the WSRO Skisport GmbH, which was responsible for these events until then, and will in future not only be responsible for the implementation of the biathlon world cups. Rather, it will create the organizational framework for the biathlon world championship 2023 in Oberhof and beyond for all other major competitive sports events in Oberhof. As before, she will also take care of the preparation and implementation of the Thuringian Forest company run, which has now become a tradition, and will also take on tourist offers in the near future.

She is actively supported by the member associations of WSRO e.V. and its numerous volunteer helpers. It has its office in the Rennsteighaus at Grenzadler 7 in Oberhof.

Unser Team

Thomas Grellmann
Geschäftsführer OSE und OK-Chef Biathlon Weltcup
E-Mail: Thomas.Grellmann@Weltcup-Oberhof.de

Vanessa Krellmann
Allgemeine Organisation
E-Mail: Vanessa.Krellmann@Weltcup-Oberhof.de

Marie Blaner-Hornung 
Ansprechpartnerin Logistik 
E-Mail: Marie.Hornung@Weltcup-Oberhof.de
Tel: 0160/3613980

Christoph Loerzer
Ansprechpartner Logistik & Verkehr 
E-Mail: Christoph.Loerzer@Weltcup-Oberhof.de
Tel: 0160/3613981

Adele Grabow
Sportmanagement- & Marketing, Ticketing
E-Mail: Adele.Grabow@Weltcup-Oberhof.de
Tel: 0160/3613983