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THOR Industriemontagen GmbH

The best work for people. The best people for the job.

For more than 20 years, THOR® has been supporting its customers in the home, building and utility sectors – both for large-scale projects and for smaller construction projects. During this time, they have evolved from a one-man company to one of the most attractive employers in the region.

More than 1,000 THORians are already in operation throughout Germany. In doing so, it is important for the company not only to know the personal and professional skills of the fitters, but also to constantly support them at their own THOR® academy in order to continue to bring them into the best work for them in line with their mission.


Grill culture made in Germany

We are the leading manufacturer of stainless steel grills in Germany. At our company headquarters in Georgenthal, we currently manufacture more than 20 different types of grills – from compact table grills to our classic column grills and small smoking ovens. This year three different gas grills have been added. Most of the devices are manufactured in the factory, only a few operations are carried out mechanically. At the end are high-quality, solid grills that do not rust and last a lifetime. Grill culture made in Germany. We also offer a wide range of barbecue accessories – from grill pliers to charcoal. All our products are available online. In addition, visit our large factory outlet in Georgenthal and get an impression of our entire range on site. Grills and accessories to touch and take away.

THÜROS is a family business in the second generation, which currently employs around 30 people. In 2022 we celebrate our 30th anniversary. In addition, our first barbecue book will be published in autumn 2022. In our barbeque temple we offer barbeque courses on different topics all year round. The location can also be rented for family and company celebrations. Regional commitment is particularly important to us. Therefore it is a great honour for us to be the national grillnpartner of the BMW IBU Biathlon World Championships 2023 in Oberhof. We are looking forward to exciting competitions.

Suitable for the World Championship there is a special edition complete set with T1 table grill, frame and matching spikes in sport rifle shape. The stainless steel frame is simply placed on the THÜROS T1 table grill and the skewers are hung up - and then let’s go.


Fleisch- und Wurstwaren Schmalkalden GmbH

During the years of the company’s development, flexibility to adapt to the market has always been and still is in the foreground. The connection between traditional sausage culture and modern production methods is the challenge for our company. Our 34 specialist shops in Southern Thuringia stand for regionality under the brand „Deine Genussfleischerei“.

With the brand “Thüringer Strohgut”, we fulfil a high standard in the pigmeat production and combine sustainability, high quality and animal welfare and are pioneers in the region.

Under the brand “Thüringer Landstolz” we market traditional products such as our Thuringian specialities as well as innovative products in the pastry and cold cuts segment. We serve well-known retail partners in the national food trade.


Die Gesundheitskasse für Sachsen und Thüringen.

The Corona Year 2021 clearly showed that digitalisation makes many things easier – including in the health sector. As the largest statutory health insurance company, AOK PLUS has been promoting digital services for its policyholders, health partners and companies in Saxony and Thuringia for years. In the past financial year, it stepped up its efforts to achieve this once again. Its approximately 3.4 million insured persons should be able to rely on comprehensive health care not only in urban areas but also in rural areas. Today and in the future, each and every insured person should be supported in achieving and maintaining the best possible level of health. To this end, AOK PLUS bundles its offers and services, offers orientation and supports its policyholders as a health controller in all areas of life. AOK PLUS policyholders can reach their health insurance company at any time and through many different channels, be it online, by phone, by video, chat or in person at one of the more than 130 branches.



"Wir sind Thüringen"

“We are Thuringia” – ANTENNE THÜRINGEN has been both aspiration and guiding principle for almost 30 years. The station is the No. 1 in Thuringia for listeners between 29 and 59. The station simply plays the best music on the radio, on the web, as an app or via smart speaker. Mixed of current German and international pop-rock music and the favorite hits of the 80s & 90s. Regional solidarity, commitment to our state, sympathetic actions that make life more beautiful and competent service around the clock are part of life and everyday life with ANTENNE THÜRINGEN. As a long-standing media partner of all major Thuringian sports clubs and winter sports events, ANTENNE THÜRINGEN is always in action live. With us, radio can be experienced.


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