Terms of Service

General Terms and Conditions WSRO-Skisport GmbH

  1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to the event World Cup Biathlon, Oberhof, 2020 of WSRO-Skisport GmbH.
  2. The ticket prices hold per day and per person, excepting all-days passes. Prices contain the statutory value-added tax as well as an advance booking charge and a processing fee. Paying with a credit card or via debit may encur additional fees. Receipt of ticket by post is subject to an additional forwarding charge.

  3. Only tickets with no reduction are transferable before entering the venue for the first time. Transferring a ticket implies the transfer of all rights and obligations in the agreement to the new ticket holder. Leaving the venue will result in the ticket’s turning valid. Any resale of tickets is prohibited and will be prosecuted under civil, competition and criminal law. The purchaser of (a) ticket(s) expressly declares their intention to use the purchased ticket(s) for personal purposes only and not to sell them, especially not commercially, to a third party.
  4. Children under the age of 10 have free access to the venue. If seats are available at an event (stands or VIP area) children may use these only subject to holding a valid VIP ticket or seat ticket. Children under the age of 14 may only access the venue accompanied by an adult person.

  5. Pupils, students, and severely disabled persons are entitled to a reduction of the regular ticket price. To purchase a ticket with reduction, the production of the respective authorization (pupil’s, student’s or disabled person’s card) is mandatory, and the advance sale agency shall check on such evidence. By the same token, the evidence of reduction eligibility is to be presented for check together with the valid ticket at the entry of the venue. Tickets with reduction may not be transferred. Only one type of reduction may be requested per ticket.

  6. The family ticket (on the condition that 2 parents or legal guardians pay the full ticket price) offers free access to the venue for their own children/adolescents. The family ticket is valid in the stadium (arena and mobile stands) only on week days, i.e., Thursday and Friday. Production of evidence of eligibility shall be performed as stated at item 5.

  7. The business ticket is exclusively available for week days, i.e., Thursday and Friday. The booking is made directly via Oberhofer Freizeit und Tourismus GmbH. Transfer of services included in this ticket to other days of the event may not be requested.

  8. For safety reasons the number of place for wheelchairs in the Arena am Rennsteig is limited.

  9. Introducing children’s pushchairs, sledges, and polystyrene blocks into the venue is prohibited. No guarantee can be offered that pushchairs and sledges can be deposited at point of entry.

  10. Tickets will be handed over or dispatched immediately at the time of cash payment in the advance sale agencies. In the event of an order of tickets or fan merchandise, they will be forwarded after payment of the invoice amount. Dispatch of tickets or fan merchandise starts 4 weeks after launch of sales.

  11. Returns of tickets are not possible.

  12. The right to request exchange of goods may not be exercised due to the restricted range (one-for-all colour, one-for-all size) and limited availability. In such events, the purchase price shall be reimbursed to the costumer.

  13. In case of cancellation/discontinuation of a current event for reasons out of the organizers’ control (e.g. weather conditions, force majeure, decisions by the authorities), no claim may be raised of returning tickets or having refunded the ticket price. Should an event be cancelled prior to the beginning, WSRO-Skisport GmbH reserves the right to consider refunding the ticket price. Any actual refund shall be subject to the production of the original admission ticket. This reservation may not be construed as a legal title for ticket price refund.

  14. The organizers reserve the right to postpone an event or to change the venue. No claim may be raised as a consequence thereof for return of admission tickets or refund of ticket price. The same hold for changes of programme and/or postponement of the beginning of the event.

  15. The organizers reserve the right to change individual start times. In this event, too, no claim may be raised for return of admission tickets or refund of ticket price. Every purchases will have the opportunity to gather current information by using the ticket code or visiting the official website.

  16. The introduction into the venue of alcoholic drinks, glass containers, cans, acoustic instruments of a length of more than 0.30 m, bulky items, pyrotechnic objects, torches, weapons or other dangerous items as well as animals is prohibited. In case of non-compliance, the organizers may exclude the purchaser from entry to the event without indemnification or declare them banned from the venue. Any seized objects shall not be returned. Violations thereof shall be prosecuted under criminal law.

  17. Inebriated persons shall be refused entry to the venue by security staff without indemnification.

  18. Any commercial advertisement on fan club banners or similar items during the event is prohibited without exception and shall be removed by the organizers without indemnification.

  19. Whatever the legal title that may be claimed, the organizers shall be liable only for such damage as may be caused by deliberate and grossly negligent action of their employees, agents, and legal representatives. Other than this, attendance to the event is at the attendee's own risk, excepting cases of violation of essential contractual obligations. Excepting cases of deliberate action, liability is limited to the compensation of the foreseeable, typically occurring damage, unless gross negligence resulted in a violation of essential contractual obligations.

  20. Non-ideal line of sight in the stadium is to be expected. This shall not be construed as a defect of title. The purchase of a ticket solely entitles to the participation as a spectator. Individual actions may result in a risk of hearing impairment or harm to health (by music acts, pyrotechnics, etc.). The customer attends the event at their own risk.
  21. The organizers are authorized to take and publish photos of spectators. This right does bear neither temporal nor local restrictions. The purchaser is not entitled to being paid a compensation.

  22. Ticket holders may only take or broadcast sound recordings, motion pictures, still pictures or descriptions of events for personal purposes. It is strictly prohibited to distribute sound recordings, motion pictures, still pictures, descriptions in whole or in part to any type of public access regardless of the channel of broadcast, whether by means of internet, radio, television, mobile phone, data processing accessory or a other present and/or future media (known today or invented and/or developed in the future). Ticket purchasers are not allowed to support any other person(s) in such actions.

  23. Ticket holders may not engage in any actions likely to lead to an unauthorized interpretation to the disadvantage of WSRO-Skisport GmbH or its business partners, of commercial association with WSRO-Skisport GmbH, the event or parts thereof, whether by unauthorized use of logos or in other ways ("free-rider marketing").

  24. It is strictly prohibited for ticket holders to distribute brochures or information relating to, advertising or calling attention to a business, an object, a charity or a matter of concern, whether commercially or not, unless they have an express written authorization from WSRO-Skisport GmbH.

  25. Ticket holders park their vehicle at their own risk. Advice by security staff shall be complied with.

  26. Sustainability and protection of the environment are important issues for the organizer. For this reason, the establishment of a returnable beaker system for athletes and fans based on deposit is planned for the competition days of the World Cup Biathlon Oberhof. Reusable beakers will only be taken back during opening hours of the event area and the visitor tent at the Grenzadler hollow. The organizers may not be held liable for lost deposit in cases of delayed return of beakers.

  27. The organizers shall not be held liable for lost or stolen items.

  28. The purchaser submits to these Terms of Service by the very purchase of the ticket.

  29. Should parts of these Terms and Conditions be invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the contract as a whole and its remaining provisions in these Terms and Conditions.

  30. The place of performance is Oberhof. The laws of the Federal republic of Germany shall govern this agreement.

  31. Inquiries, especially regarding ticket sale, may be directed to:

  32. WSRO-Skisport GmbH, Am Grenzadler 7, 98559 Oberhof, Germany;

    Tel.: +49 36842 5333 0;  Fax: +49 36842 5333 30 or by e-mail: info@weltcup-oberhof.de

    Oberhof, this 07.06.2019