Terms of Service

Terms of Service WSRO-Skisport GmbH (August 2018)

  1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to the event World Cup Biathlon Oberhof of WSRO-Skisport GmbH.
  2. The ticket prices hold per day and per person, except season tickets. Prices contain the statutory value-added tax as well as an advance booking charge and a processing fee. Paying with a credit card or via debit could cause further costs. By choosing dispatch of tickets there will be payable extra shipment charge.
  3. Only not discounted tickets are transferable before entering the venue for the first time. Assigning a ticket implies the conveyance of all rights and obligations of the agreement to the new owner. By leaving the venue tickets will no longer be valid. Any resale of tickets is prohibited and will be prosecuted under civil, competition and criminal law. Purchasers of tickets explain mandatorily to only use a purchased ticket / purchased tickets for private purposes and to not sell them, especially not commercially, to a third party.
  4. Children under the age of 10 have free access to the venue. If seats are available at an event (stand or VIP area) children can only access in accordance with a valid VIP ticket or ticket for seats. Children under the age of 14 may only access the venue accompanied by an adult person.
  5. Pupils, students as well as seriously disabled persons are provided discount on regular ticket prices. By purchasing any discounted tickets it is obligatory to submit respective authorization (pupil, student or seriously disabled person identification card) which has to be controlled by the advance sale agency. Equally, adequate legitimacy is to present together with a valid ticket at the entry of the venue. Discounted tickets cannot be assigned. Per ticket is only one abatement available.
  6. The family ticket (condition: 2 full payers acting as legal guardians) includes free access to the venue for the respective minor children/adolescents. The family ticket is only valid in the stadium (arena and mobile stand) on Thursday and Friday. For giving evidence of authorization applies No. 5.
  7. The business ticket is exclusively available for Thursday and Friday. Booking is made directly via WSRO-Skisport GmbH or Oberhofer Sportstätten GmbH. Services of this ticket are not transferable to other event days.
  8. For safety reasons ARENA am Rennsteig solely provides limited places for wheelchair users per event.
  9. Tickets will be handed over or dispatched immediately at the time of payment in the advance sale offices. In the event of an order of tickets or fan merchandise they will be issued after payment of the invoice amount. Dispatch of tickets or fan merchandise starts 4 weeks after launch of sales.
  10. Any return of tickets is not possible.
  11. Purchase of fan merchandise is possible during the advance ticket sale on a limited scale in the online shop. The customer can exercise the 14 day cancellation period. The right to exchange is impossible due to restricted range and limited availability. In this case purchase price will be reimbursed for the costumer.
  12. In case of cancellation/abandonment of a current event due to reasons which are not attributable to the organizer (e.g. weather conditions, force majeure, regulatory decisions) any return or refund of admission charge is not. Should an event be cancelled prior to the beginning WSRO-Skisport GmbH reserves the right to check refund of entrance fees.
  13.  The organizer reserves the right to postpone an event or to change the venue. Consequently, admission prices are neither returnable nor refundable. The same is effective for changes of programme and / or postponement of the beginning of the event.
  14. It is forbidden to take alcoholic drinks, glass containers, boxes, acoustic instruments of a length of more than 0.30 m, bulky items, pyrotechnic objects, torches, weapons or further dangerous items as well as animals. In this case the organizer may deny the entrance to the event without compensation for the customer, respectively admonish that person from the venue. Objectives won’t be handed back. Violations will be prosecuted under criminal law.
  15. Primed people will be refused admittance to the venue by security staff without indemnity.
  16. Any commercial advertisement on fan club banners or similar items during the event is generally interdicted and will be removed by the organizer without compensation.
  17. Irrespective of legal basis the organizer is only liable for damage being caused by deliberate and grossly negligent behavior of employees, agents and legal representatives. Furthermore, attendance at the event is at the attendee’s own risk. This won’t apply if substantial contractual obligations are violated. Except in cases of deliberate actions liability is limited to the refund of foreseeable, typically occurring damages unless a gross negligent breach of significant contractual obligations exists.
  18. There are to expect line-of-sight obstructions in the stadium. They do not constitute a defect in performance. The purchase of a ticket solely contains the right to participate as a spectator. Particular events may include a risk of hearing impairment or health injuries (by music acts, pyrotechnics, etc.). The customer attends the event at his own risk.
  19. The organizer is authorized to take and publish photos of spectators. The agreement lasts temporally and territorially unlimited. The purchaser is not entitled to compensation.
  20. Owners of tickets may only take and assign sound recordings, motion pictures, still pictures or descriptions of events for private purposes. It is strictly prohibited to distribute sound recordings, motion pictures, still pictures, descriptions as a whole or in parts to any type of public access regardless of the broadcaster, whether by means of internet, radio, television, mobile phone, data accessory or a present and / or future medium (today known or invented and / or developed in the future). Ticket purchasers are not allowed to support any other person / other persons in such activities.
  21. Ticket owners are barred from activities leading to unauthorized commercial associations with WSRO-Skisport GmbH, the event or parts of the event whether by illegal use of logos or in other ways (“free-rider marketing”) being at WSRO-Skisport GmbH’s or its business partner’s disadvantage.
  22. Ticket owners are tightly banned from distributing flyers or information concerning, advertising or calling attention to a business, an object, a charity or a matter whether being commercial or not unless they have an explicit written authorization from WSRO-Skisport GmbH.
  23. Ticket owners park their vehicle at their own risk. It is to abide by the advices of security staff.
  24. Sustainability and protection of the environment are important issues for the organizer. For this reason, the establishment of a returnable beaker system for athletes and fans based on deposit is planned for the competition days of the World Cup Biathlon Oberhof. Reusable beakers will only be taken back during opening times of the event area and the visitor tent at the Grenzadler.
  25. The organizer does not undertake any liability for lost or stolen items.
  26. The purchaser submits to these Terms of Service once purchased a ticket.
  27. Should parts of these Terms of Services be ineffective, effectivity of the contract or the remaining sections of the Terms of Services won’t be affected.
  28. Place of performance is Oberhof. The law of the federal republic of Germany shall apply exclusively.
  29. Inquiries, especially regarding ticket sale, may be directed to: WSRO-Skisport GmbH, Am Grenzadler 7, 98559 Oberhof; Tel.: +49 36842 5333 0;  Fax: +49 36842 5333 30 or via e-mail to: info@weltcup-oberhof.de

Oberhof, 11.07.2018