Youth meets biathlon

World Cup instead of school

German classes? Maths? Biathlon! For one day more than 1500 Thuringian students changed forms for the biathlon arena during the World Cup in January 2017. According to the motto “Youth meets Biathlon” they watched the sprint competition of the men on the first day of competition. Frank Eismann, businessman from Rudolstadt and fan of the biathlon sport, had the idea to realize this project – and took the initiative. “Whether cultural events or the visit of the World Cup: What is important is that something will be done for the children”, he said. His idea has not only convinced the OK-Team from Oberhof but also the directors of the Dr.-Max-Näder-Gymnasium in Königsee, the Fridericianum in Rudolstadt as well as the Heinrich-Böll-Gymnasium in Saalfeld. “They shall have a nice day”, announced Frank Eismann.

The project was funded by numerous sponsors taking over the costs of the bus transfer and a huge part of the entrance fees. Therefore the students just had to pay three euros. A kind gesture for the kids and teenagers – and a gain for Oberhof. Their presence not only lets the arena seem more crowded and rejuvenates the audience. But it should also help maintaining the World Cup venue in the future. “After having had an impressive day they tell their parents of their experiences. As a result, the whole family may visit the World Cup next year”, mentioned Frank Eismann who wished to establish a project with kids and teens for a very long time.